Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pat Dorsey's UV Scud

Earlier in the week I received a request from a new follower (my third self-proclaimed follower :P). The comment on my last trip to Verdigre requested a pattern/pic/video of Pat Dorsey's UV Scud. This fly is amazingly effective. I think it fishes well since it is a very impressionistic scud and egg crossover.

Here is Pat Dorsey's UV Scud:

Mr. Dorsey certainly doesn't need my endorsement. I doubt if anyone that reads this will really be that affected by my review of his work and gratitude for what I have learned from him. Of my 3 followers (thanks Danielle and Mom), I hope that one of you benefits from the pattern above. If so, I recommend looking into the other two Dorsey productions that I own.

The first production I own is Pat Dorsey's Nymphing Strategies DVD.

This is a hour long DVD with nymphing techniques, effective flies and bonus knot tutorial for the beginner. While it is a video designed for beginners, I never tire of seeing it again and again and reflecting on my personal techniques and how I adapt on the water.

The second production that I own and LOVE is Mr. Dorsey's book Tying & Fishing Tailwater Flies.

This book is extremely well done in my opinion. It ranks up there next to Clouser's Flies and Barr Flies, both by Stackpole Books. Mr. Dorsey's patterns, as the title explains, are designed for tailwaters. He specifically mentions their use on famous Colorado rivers with which he is a resident expert. Undoubtedly, his patterns can extend to any tailwater and even many spring creeks and freestone streams.

I really enjoy that his book has some variety. He does spend some time, and great time at that, explaining his flies and how he develops them. However, he also promotes some other tyer's creations that he utilizes to fool trout. You can utilize Amazon's Look Inside feature to preview some of the excellent photographs, drawings and writing.

These resources are wonderful in my view. I am thankful for Pat Dorsey's contribution to fly fishing and fly tying. After using these two Dorsey productions, my fly boxes contain many of Mr. Dorsey's patterns. I hope to become as proficient of an angler someday!

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