Monday, July 4, 2011

An afternoon communing with the cutties...

John and I hit the water Saturday afternoon for some top water action. I was supposed to take the weekend off from fishing but the wife was gracious and let me head out for an afternoon.

We headed out to some clear water that was dropping like a rock so we were excited to get the hot bite that ususally accompanies dropping levels.

John was throwing his FEB Pteronarcys - a clutch pattern of his own creation - and I started with a size #6 orange Stimulator with rubber legs. I quickly lost the stimi to a unreachable snag. I replaced it with a funky Salmonfly dry for a fish then a Chubby and after a couple missed takes (from smaller fish) I downsized to a size #10 Stimi Chew Toy in orange.

We started out pretty slow and were quite surprised by the lack of action but we pushed forward and found some fish. We also saw over half a dozen salmonflies fluttering around. We had some great "popcorn" style fishing in several holes - taking turns whether we were getting into fish or not.

We got to one hole and enjoyed teasing the fish. On one occasion we had one fish rise over 5 times to several different drifts and get missed or follow and not make up his mind. On several drifts later, John brought a different, prettier fish to hand.

We then tried a few more spots, fooled some fish then called it an afternoon. It was a wonderful afternoon on the water with excellent company.


P.S. As luck would have it, we didn't bump into any nude hikers (good luck or bad luck depending on where you sit)

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mike doughty said...

you'll have to fill me in. good looking cutts