Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bang-O-Rang Blog: The Haddis Catch

Brian has been blogging for quite some time now. With his recent move to Rip City he has started another blog that continues to excel in logging adventures and showcase stellar ties.

Previously the author of Reno Trout Envy, Brian has, in my view, climbed his way to the top of my list of outstanding fly fishing blogs. He exhibits a solid mix of fishing, flies, thoughts and tunes.

When Reno Trout Envy was actively being built, I anxiously awaited new posts with monstrous Lahontan cutties, Truckee browns and new flies hot off his vise. Many of the flies that he tied, and still ties, are not only excellently photographed but tied exquisitely. More often than not, he ties the flies better than the original tyer or source from where it caught his attention. Some examples include his version of the Possie Bugger, Barr's Tung Teaser, and Prince Nymph. Not only could he construct stellar flies, but he fooled chunky fish after chunky fish with them.

Now that The Haddis Catch has been cranking for over 6 months it is only getting better with time. When I hop on the waves of the interwebs every Tuesday, my first stop is Brian's Tuesday Tie. Flies vary from simple to creative, to generic to complex, to trouts to bass to steelhead. I can only see my Tuesdays getting better if Brian were to do some HD videos on Vimeo.

Additionally, the water that Brian explores is circa my wife's family's home. There are some different, yet plentiful, fishing opportunities. He has some fun adventures documented and I look forward to following along as he becomes the proficient carp, redside and steelhead angler he appears to yearn to become (he is lightyears closer than I could ever be).

Check out what Brian has to offer over at The Haddis Catch and enjoy!!!

Photos from Brian's blog:

I look forward to maybe one day sharing a day on the Nestucca or MacKenzie with the creator of The Haddis Catch.


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Brian J. said...

Thanks for the gracious words my friend-- definitely let me know when you're in town.