Monday, September 5, 2011

All work and no play...

... makes Scott a dull boy! Fortunately, I have had some time to fish so dull is just a baseline for me.

I have spent time on various waters around the Zoo. I have had the great pleasure of fishing with the esposa a couple of times but we never got into big fish. Then, when I don't fish with the esposa, I do get some bigger fish - not earth shattering big though.

Here is the photo journal of the last month-and-a-half.

From the Bitterroot:

Missoula's Middle Provo:

Surrounding Creeks:

Some other amazing scenery:

Tight lines,


Anonymous said...

Sick whitefish! And I like the kyped, freckle-faced bow. "He" designed that one well!

Nathan Ira said...

I agree, that bow is super sweet looking. I'm really digging that last cuttie too.