Friday, September 9, 2011

Product Review: FLY-AGRA

From Yellowstone Fly Goods comes FLY-AGRA!

Up until recently, I have used Aquel. It has worked well for quite some time. I usually lost the fly to a tree, snag or bass-like hookset before the fly would sink so I never really gave my fly dysfunction a second thought.

Now, my fly dysfunction has become a major problem with my drift. When I was new and young in dry fly fishing, I could endlessly drift. Now, my drift has only been able to last a few runs. NOW I HAVE FLY-AGRA!!!

FLY-AGRA has helped my dysfunction so much that I am not afraid to show my drifts on camera. See that fantastic drift! It could go all night long!

I give FLY-AGRA 2 flies up! It's a great product with stellar marketing and action behind the claims. I am unsure where it is available though. I picked mine up from the high-floatin' dudes of the Missoulian Angler! (I did not perform an exhaustive search on the interwebs)

However, I still use Aquel. I feel like each product has their respective place. Case in point, I like my EHC's to NEVER have dysfunction - a big disappointment when the skitter needs to happen. On the other hand, I like my Chubby's with a little dysfunction. I like only the wing to have floatant. I feel like a Chubby is more effective when it can sit lower in the water. This is the perfect situation where Aquel applied to the wing does the trick.

  • Floats and floats and floats
  • Never needs reapplication
  • Flies can be pre-treated and stored ready-to-use at fishing's most intimate moment
  • Flies can be dipped prior to use and after a false cast or two ready to drift
  • Comes in a solid Nalgene bottle that will never leak
  • Magnificent labeling
  • $6 per bottle
  • It goes faster than I thought it would (of course I pre-treated many, many flies for that unforeseen moment)
  • Obvoiusly not a catch-all floatant
  • Smells like solvent or mineral spirits (may burst into flames from a glare off your forceps - crossing fingers)
  • Pfizer may jump YFG's case for the name recognition crap and I may never see it again
Pick some up at a Yellowstone Fly Goods retailer near you and FIX YOUR FLY DYSFUNCTION!!!

As much as I would LOVE to receive products from fly fishing company's for free, I did not receive Fly-Agra for free. I spent my own hard earned, payin' off student loans, feeding a family dollars on Fly-Agra. These are my honest feelings. If someone wants to pay me to do a review great! If not, I suppose my reader coverage is crap anyway. However, if you or your gear company wants to help a fly addict get some stellar gear, I would love to hear from people like Brodin Nets, Simms, Redington, Montana Fly Company, Lamson-Waterworks, Dyna-King, Rite Bobbins, Wapsi, Scott Fly Rods, and more. Please make my day and allow me to review a product of yours at no cost to me!


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e.m.b. said...

Saw this in my local fly shop the other day, and wanted to buy some because like you say, they get mad-props for marketing and labeling genius. ;) I use Aquel as well, and will probably keep on doing so....but this was a great read of a product I was curious about. Thanks!