Friday, April 22, 2011

Nebraska Trout Streams

As promised forever ago, I am writing about the little gems of Nebraska - Nebraska Trout Streams. If I had a nickel for every time some one said to me, "Nebraska has trout?" I would be rich! Nebraska, indeed, has trout. I will not go into it here, but the best trout stream in Nebraska is private water and requires a significant wait and monetary contribution to fish. Since I can't chase these monster tailwater trout, I have to get my fill on other streams.

The closest stream, a 3 hour drive away, is called Verdigre Creek. Of all the little spring creeks in Nebraska, this is the one I have spent most of my time fishing. It is a unique place. It is stocked weekly with 10-12" rainbows for put-and-take reasons. The rainbows are not very discriminating so a tug is almost a guarantee. The best part of this stream is that is has a wild population of browns! The browns were last stocked in the 1980's and all the browns that are in there are skiddish and smart. It has taken me several trips to key in on the "browny" structure but I have managed to get a handle on it (crossing my fingers). The hold-over 'bows are fun as well.

Here are some wonderful Verdigre trout:

The Sandhills in Nebraska are known for the amazing, nutrient rich lakes that hold bass, pike, yellow perch and trophy bluegills (which I have not had the fortune to tangle with). Amidst the Sandhills are wonderful streams that support trout. These streams are no longer stocked and support wild browns and rainbows. The commute to these streams is approx. 5 hours so I have only gone a couple times.

Here are some beautiful Sandhill trout:

Since trout in Nebraska seem to be unheard of in most parts of the country, I consider the time I get to fish for wild trout in Nebraska very precious. The brown trout in these gems are all the more special to me!!!

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