Thursday, April 21, 2011


It has been OVER 2 YEARS AGO that I last posted something here. It is time to resuscitate this blog. I have been contemplating getting the air back in the tires here over the last week and I think it is time to go on our first adventure in quite some time. So, here we go.

As many of you know, I have spent the last 4 years in a Doctor of Pharmacy program here in Omaha. Along with the fourth, and final, year of school comes deciding where to start working upon graduation. And one step past that is figuring out if you want to go straight into the workforce or do some post-grad training as a resident - similar to a medical doctor. I chose going into residency. As part of getting a resident position, you are required to apply to any number of programs and then interview at as many as invite you.

Our family had our hearts set on the Northwest - close to family - so I applied to programs in Montana, Oregon and Washington. Fortunately I received invitation offers to most of the programs I applied to. Needless to say, I selected all of these area with the fly fishing in mind!

My final interview was in Missoula, Montana at the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy/St. Patrick Hospital and Medical Center. How could I go to Missoula and NOT fish? So, I DID!

I spent a day on Rock Creek with a new friend. Here are some pictures:

Some of my first casts on Rock Creek. From this run I managed 2 decent Westslope Cutthroats and a couple whitefish.

The flies of the day seemed to be Pat's Rubber Legs (size 2, 4 or 6 didn't matter) and copper, olive, red or black PTNs and Copper Johns.

Maybe this is why my initial choices in flies worked?  So, I stuck with it since no surface activity seemed to be occurring

My long forum, new in-person friend fished a Tenkara rod all day and had some good success. With a little arm twisting, John talked me into trying it. After a few casts that required me to SLOOOOOWWW WAY DOWN, I hooked up with a decent brown.

It was a fantastic day on Rock Creek. After last summer's trip to Rock Creek and this day-trip, I have a VERY special place in my heart for cutthroats. It would be neat to see these fish in full-on spawning colors.

It was also a great introduction to the next year of my family's life. I am the newest pharmacy resident at the University of Montana/St. Patrick Hospital and Medical Center. Here we come Missoula!!!

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Antonio G. said...

Beautiful fish, bro. Keep those pics comin'!