Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Snake Charmer

While spending some time in Portland, OR I stopped in an Orvis shop to look for some materials I wasn't able to find at other shops in the area. I make it a habit to window shop the fly bar if I am buying some material. I stumbled across a fly called the Snake Charmer. It looked familiar but I couldn't recall from where.

When I got home I was "flipping" through my electronic copies of Southwest Fly Fishing and it was a featured tie. I knew I had seen it somewhere!

Here is a screen shot of Kevin Price's Snake Charmer (available from Idylwilde)

Last fall I became addicted to topwater bass! After tangling with two Nebraska Master Angler bucketmouths I have had thoughts constantly in the back of my head regarding the best ways to bring up that fish that flushes the toilet on my bug.

Here are two victims of my topwater adventures:

Kevin has a neat blog, though it hasn't been updated (like I have room to talk), with info about bass fishing on the fly. Here are my best attempts at Price's Snake Charmer:

I wound up using a 4/0 Mustad 3407DT. And, since I will be throwing it in the garbage and salad, I used TWO weed guards instead of KP's one 80 pounder.

 I will return and report once topwater heats up a bit.


Roger said...

I think I know just the place to try them....

Scott said...

Let's do it, Rog!

Antonio G. said...

I'm still looking for a day when I'm open...