Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All In A Day's Work - Part I

Georgetown Lake...

Saturday was just as the forecast predicted! Since it was the most beautiful day of Spring in Missoula so far I figured I would be up against all the other weekend warriors. No matter though I could just kick where I wanted to go in the tube.

My first stop was Georgetown Lake. I got a few tips from Flint Creek Outdoors on the way up. They were nice enough to point me in the right direction before I ever purchased anything. [Insert tangent: I make it a courtesy to purchase something from a shop whenever I ask for help - the advice is free but the electricity isn't]

I got to Comer's Point on the west side found the shores lined with worm-drowners. I didn't hear of or see a singel fish being caught. I did see a few pimp fish fanning some beds of the lady 'bows in the super-shallows.

I loaded up the tube and started fishing the weedlines I could find. Fish quickly came to hand:

I expected the fish to be bigger but I wasn't complaining since I was the only person in sight with a bent rod not hooked into a snag.

The scenery was amazing, too!

The fish of the day from Georgetown was taken on an olive and orange seal bugger from Flint Creek Outdoors. It was in ~ one foot of water and I took it on slow 2 inch strips. S/he was 17 inches and painted much nicer than the other trouts.

Part II to come...

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