Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cutties and the Chubby...

Between life-changing exams I had a day off. I promised myself I would not study and that I needed some "me" time to think, reflect, chill out and fish. My amazing wife is so supportive and she rocks. Thanks a ton for the day to myself, Babe!

I headed West of Missoula for some high, but clear, freestone water. I have been watching stream flows and the last few days the flows have been dropping. I wanted some fish!!!

I spent the day being pretty stubborn though. True, I wanted some fish but I wanted them on the Chubby!!! I am in love with the Chubby! What an amazing fly!!!

The water was actually on its way back up today but the message didn't get to the fish. They were cooperative.

While I didn't manage anything of monstrous proportions today I did work out some kinks in my presentation, or lack thereof. I had approximately 15 solid takes on the Chubby and I only missed 3 of them. I did have a number of "rise-refusals" but they were from what appeared to be smaller fish - big eyes but small stomach.

My largest fish of the day - that I landed - was right at the 16" mark. It was a pretty neat cast plus I saw him come up from the bottom, follow the fly for a split second then slam it with a vengeance.

The other big fish of the day came unpinned at my feet while my hand was getting wet to grab him. Another stellar take with the fish coming up from the bottom... this time he had his mind made up from the get-go. I imagine he was a solid 16" if not a tad bigger. He was a lot more red on the belly, too.

It was a great day of relaxation and laying low. It was neat to go at my own pace but I do enjoy sharing the smiles and fist-bumps after a solid CPR Cutthroat.


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Dustin's Fly Box said...

awesome fish and pictures! I just tied my first chubby chernobyl this morning