Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mike and I hit up a couple three lakes yesterday. We had heard good things about one of them and we gave it a shot first. After a couple hours of fishing the water column up and down and sideways, we headed off to some other lakes. We struck out on a number of accounts for the next two lakes. One was almost as dirty as the Clark Fork is now and the other was big water with tons of debris in the water. Mike had some hits but nothing came to hand. I had a few questionable "snags." That was it. No fish! I am pretty sure it is one of two factors: I am a bad omen to my fishing partners OR something funky in the universe was off. Mike is a damn good angler (see here for proof) and I can hold my own most of the time so I am not really sure what was up.

The first Montana skunk... kind of depressing but I had to get the goose egg out of the way.


P.S. Off to Yellowstone - hope the water gives up some fish!

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