Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alpine Goodness and the Asthmatic...

Saturday Mike and I headed up to some alpine lakes in search of elusive trouts. The first set of lakes had a notice posted at the trail head saying that the lakes were still frozen. Strike One. We then headed a little bit south (and maybe lower in altitude). We got to the trail head and it looked much better than a few weeks before when Mike plowed through 3+ feet of snow in his wading gear. We started up the trail headed for the lake ~3 miles up and I wussed out maybe a mile in. Strike Two. I am NOT used to this high-ish altitude hiking with wading gear on stuff. A BIG thanks to Mike for being patient with the slowpoke.

We got to the lake and began making our way around it. The fish was tough!!! I picked up a stellar Westslope specimen in the early part of the adventure. This fish has virtually NO spots until right at the tail. It was gnarly and gorgeous at the same time! Base Hit!

The catching was minimal until about 3ish. On the way back around the lake we picked up another fish or two. It was not what we expected to encounter based on previous experience. At least it beast a stick in the eye. The company was awesome and the scenery was immaculate!

Mike caught me zoning off due to the view. Thanks for "photoshopping" out the seventeen chins!!!

We then hung around the outlet talking with a Forest Service Contractor and I saw some risers so I excused myself while Mike did some recon. We spent the rest of our time around the outlet. Mike brought to hand the prettiest and largest fish of the day. This cuttie had a kype, some serious chompers, all decked out to get his freak on and he was pushing 17" if not a solid 17".

Mike has some good camera skills, too boot! Always a pleasure Trout Tripper!!!


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turned out to be a decent day