Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Blackfoot...

I have had to drive from Missoula to Helena and back this last Monday and today for some professional licensure tests. Despite the tests leaving me with the feeling that I should have chosen a different career path the traveling was nice.

Monday was a hurry-up-and-drive day so I just was able to look briefly at the water as I drove. Today I left early and stopped for an hour downstream of Avon. I nymphed for half the time and I swung  a monster white Muddy Buddy (mostly so I could see it) for the other half. [I have never fished a streamer before in moving water so I hope I was doing it correctly :P] I struck out on this particular stent.

I went into Helena, started my test, finished early and headed back across MacDonald Pass just in time to encounter a massive downpour of rain mixed with hail. By the time I reached a relatively easy access point (again, downstream of Avon) the rain had stopped and I rigged back up. My leader needed some work so I just switched it out and tied on an attractor dry.

I quickly began to get molested by mosquitos. Holy crap they were bad.

With my MFC Stimi Chew Toy in size #12 tied on I hit the water for the 30 minutes I had to spare before needing to head home. In slower water near a grassy bank, I received 4 strikes. The strikes seemed to be from fish too small or a fish just attacking because it was pissed. No hook ups after 5 strikes/rises/etc. Struck out!

Little Blackfoot on June 29, 2011... SKUNKED (for the 1.5 hours I tried).



Ivan said...

How muddy and high was the Little Blackfoot? one of these days I have to get out with you and the trout tripper. A Missoula fishing blogfest of sorts.

Scott said...

It was really clear and not super high - wading was a bit sketchy in places that looked wade-able. It has dropped a lot from the looks of all the crap that is on the shoreline. I am all for it, Ivan! I need a streamer lesson or two or a dozen from you guys.