Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Fishing on a Gloomy Day...

The weather forecast for this weekend was supposed to be outstanding (and it was). Since Saturday was to be an amazing day I wanted to get out Friday to avoid some of the crowds. Friday was forecast to be a gloomy day with ~50% chance of precipitation any direction I wanted to go. I figured I would give it a shot anyway.

I began by opening Google Maps and mapping out my journey. I wanted to catch some trouts out of stillwater. I also didn't want to drive a half day just to get some fish. The closest variety came from the Seeley Lake chain of lakes up MT-83.

I started driving up the highway and I was amazed by the gorgeous scenery. Unfortunately all the water was chocolate. As I headed toward Seeley Lake I stopped at a couple lakes to give them a shot. First I geared up the tube and started relaxing by just kicking around to likely places of structure where fish would likely be feeding.

North side of Lake Alva:

The fishing was good! Even the catching was good. Lots of rainbows and cutthroats. Only one perch though Here are some fish to hand:

The fly of the day was an olive seal bugger. I tied it with Troutsmen Yukon Olive dubbing - it has quite the glow but I figured that the overcast day would calm the flash down a bit. I was also able to nail a bunch of cutthroats on emerging bugs near the inlet at Alva. A simple Hare's Ear in #14 was the ticket.

The catch of the day came on the seal bugger. To date, this is the largest rainbow I have ever landed. Fortunately, I borrowed a worm-drowner's net and he was able to shoot some pics for me. She was a hog!!!

My best guess on length and weight are low balls (in the eyes of the on-lookers). They are 26 inches and ~8 pounds (I was in a hurry to get her back in the water). She was aggressive, persistent and strong. It was nice watching her swim away back to the depths.


P.S. The signs are nifty!


Roger Johnson said...

Sweet...there's only two reasons to like stillwater fishing more than river fishing. 1) No runoff and 2) massive fish and you hit both of them on the same trip.

Ben said...

Wow, massive bow. Nice work! Jealous of your new surroundings. Enjoy it!