Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Sucks...

As part of moving to Montana, I left all my tying stuff out and saved last for boxing. I figured that I would have time to tie some flies in the midst of moving. I didn't! Since we picked up and headed out of Omaha in a hurry, I just threw all my tying stuff in a few boxes. When we got here all of it was still in disarray and it has been one of the last things to organize.

The wife had a girl's night out so I decided it was time to organize after the Dude went to bed. Here is what the floor looked like after I emptied ONE box - my main tying box:

A little closer view (the chemo drug bag does NOT have chemo in it):

I cut some things out of the main box. I had a lot of bass popper, pike fly and baitfish pattern stuff in there. After the last couple of weeks doing some shop talk and observing, it looks like I will need more trout stuff in there.

I also came to Montana with a huge mess of foam. There were tons of scrap pieces of all different sizes and shapes. It needed some order. I made all of my pieces a uniform shape and some pieces pre-cut for things like Chubby's and HopperJuans (watch the sweet HD video here). I think dry fly fishing with foam will become a big part of my game.

Don't tell the wife I used here rotary stuff. ;)

The Man Cave has been decommissioned but I am in the process of getting a decent desk put together. My biggest challenge is getting the lighting I once had at the house in Omaha.

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Jake Mock said...

now you have 4 readers, lol...

hope you're liking Montana