Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Product Review: Kershaw Skeeter II Tying Scissors

It's hard to pass up a purchase when the product bears your family name!

When walking through a local sporting good store here in Missoula, I stumbled across these scissors hung amongst other tying shears that bear the names Tiemco, Anvil, Dr. Slick and Montana Fly Company. Naturally, my eye was drawn to the shears that had my last name on them. I had no idea that Kershaw Knives made fly tying scissors!

My family has always had Kershaw Knives products. My dad carried a Kershaw everyday. Since I was 16, I have had Kershaw knives off and on. While my habit to carry a pocket knife ebbs and flows, my loyalty with manufacturer never wavers. I couldn't leave this store with out these scissors that bear a name that excels in quality.

Since purchasing them, I have used these scissors in a wide spectrum of fly tying uses. They have cut various material from foam to antron to deer hair to elk hair to opossum fur to squirrel tail to sexi-floss to thread to feather quills. They are wonderful at cutting wire with the tips... PSYCHE! Never, never do that with tying scissors!

  • Comfortable finger holes
  • Super fine tips
  • Serrated edges with non-serrated accuracy
  • Sharp enough to circumsize a gnat
  • Reasonably priced at ~14 bones
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • They are Kershaw
  • Not the most comfortable in my hand while tying (I have yet to find a pair that feels invisible)
  • Fixed tension - not adjustable
  • So sharp I almost pierced an organ when I fumbled them out of the package
I am very happy with these scissors!!!

Happy tying!


P.S. I am in no way stating that I am qualified to do a product review. I also do not claim the authority, clout or skills to have this review negatively or positively impact your retail purchases. I openly admit that I do not have financial benefits, nor do I receive discounted products, from Kershaw Knives - dadgummit!!!

P.P.S. If someone is willing to donate a pair of Montana Fly Company or Dr. Slick adjustable scissors to challenge these stellar scissors I champion the cause and would graciously accept the challenge.

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e.m.b. said...

I have a pair of Dr. Slicks, and they are dull...I cut things with them that I shouldn't. Bad habit....they are always so handy. ;) Very nice blog, by the way, and I'll be following along!