Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bison On The Road...

They weren't kidding!

The wife, kiddo and I spent 4 days in Yellowstone at a family reunion. I had never been there before so I was grateful to spend a majority of the time being a tourist instead of an angler. Of course, my angler tendencies came out when we got near water.

Yellowstone River looking downstream at Fishing Bridge:

Just like in A River Runs Through It this bug landed on me and I REALLY wanted to string up a Bunyan Bug:

Looking downstream at LeHardy Rapids on Yellowstone River:

Upstream at LeHardy:

I turned over some rocks at LeHardy to show the kids why I tie my own flies. This was a chunky stonefly nymph. He had some neighbors but they moved much faster than he did (I can relate :P ):

Yellowstone River at Sulphur Cauldron:

My amazing wife and kiddo:

My attempt at fishing in the Park will follow.


P.S. I love the diversity of bumper stickers in Montana/Wyoming:

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Jake Mock said...

LOVE yellowstone. Been there 4 times and always love going back. So big that you always see things you haven't seen yet...glad you had a good time!!